About Us

          We are a family owned company based out of Portland, OR. We have been working with big name Dealerships nationwide for many years. Our services don’t just include dealerships. We move equipment for anyone that needs it moved. We offer services that not many companies do. Moving all kinds of equipment cross country. Examples of equipment we’ve moved. From brand new to used to wreaked/non running, trucks, trailers, chassis, Garbage trucks, dump trucks, medium duty, Snow plows for the ODOT, over-sized commercial equipment, standard cars and pickups, anything you need moved let us know. Check out our photos page(all of the photos are moves done by us). Our level of expertise is in all fields when it comes to moving equipment for our customers. We can assure it will arrive safely and on time. We strive to put our customers and Employees needs before our own. No job is too small or too big for us! Feel free to email or call us for a conciliation. You’ll find our info on the contact page. Thank you for taking your time to read this and checking out our website. Have a great rest of your day. 

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